About UCI Health

UCI Health has a devoted team of nationally regarded physicians and nurses, researchers and clinicians, educators and students united by a single calling — to advance individual and population health.

As the only university-based care provider in Orange County, our multifaceted organization is dedicated to the discovery of new medical frontiers, to the teaching of future healers and to the delivery of the finest, most compassionate evidence-based care.

UCI Health’s ability to discover and innovate — whether through basic, translational or clinical research, new teaching approaches, or establishing new and best practices to deliver exceptional healthcare — is the engine that powers our success.

Knowledge leaders

Our numerous healthcare providers throughout Orange County apply the most advanced medical knowledge to ensure that our communities and their residents become healthier and stronger.

Our union of discovery, teaching and healing has enabled UCI Health to pioneer new therapies and techniques that have been adopted by institutions across the nation. It gives us the expertise to improve health and to diagnose and effectively treat the most common as well as the rarest conditions and diseases.

Most important, it means that you and your family have access to world-class compassionate care in your own community.

Our achievements