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Plan Development

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to provide you with an update on the development of the UC Irvine Health strategic plan. On December 8, leaders throughout our organization held a kick-off retreat, embarking on a seven-month process that will culminate with the implementation of the new enterprise strategic plan for fiscal year 2017.

For the first time, the plan will include an overarching UC Irvine Health enterprise (UC Irvine Medical Center and School of Medicine) strategic plan, which will guide the development of our mission specific—education, research and patient care—plans. Colleagues from across the School of Medicine and Medical Center will participate in the plan’s development as will representatives from the programs of nursing, pharmaceutical sciences and public health. By leveraging the outstanding talents and resources we collectively provide, I am confident that UC Irvine Health can significantly distinguish itself as a national leader in the alignment of medical education, research and excellence in patient care, as well as population health.

To oversee the planning process and creation of the enterprise strategic plan, I have selected a group of 18 members to make up the Executive Strategic Plan Development Committee (ESPDC). Steering committees for the mission specific areas have also been chartered to oversee the development and prioritization of these strategies. I would also like to extend my appreciation to the more than 100 committee members who have participated to date in the plan’s development.

Many of you have also provided your viewpoints by participating in the initial strategic planning survey and there will be many more opportunities for you to share your input by participating in subcommittees, focus groups, etc. I encourage you to participate when these opportunities arise over the next few months and welcome you to be a part of the process. In addition, this website strategicplan.health.uci.edu will serve as a resource to communicate key updates and milestones throughout the strategic planning process.

With the implementation of the enterprise strategic plan, I am confident we will be poised to elevate UC Irvine Health to new heights of integration and success.


Howard Federoff, MD, PhD

Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs

CEO, UC Irvine Health

Comittee Structure

The Executive Strategic Plan Development Committee (ESPDC) will oversee the development of the enterprise-wide vision and aspirations as well as provide guidance to the planning process as a whole. Mission area Strategic Plan Development Committees (SPDC) will be charted to identify and prioritize goals, strategies, and tactics for their respective mission areas. These committees will align the development of their mission area specific plan with the enterprise vision, aspirations and the other mission area plans. Each mission area SPDCs will have representation from the other mission areas as well as from nursing science, pharmaceutical sciences and public health programs to ensure cross-fertilization of ideas and alignment across all three plans.

The strategic planning process will actively engage over 200 stakeholders as members of one or more of the committees or through participation in the various surveys and interviews. In addition, representation and/or feedback from campus leadership, the community and external partners / affiliates will be incorporated into the plan’s development.

  • Howard Federoff, PhD, MD (Chair)
  • Al Goldin, PhD, MD
  • Alpesh Amin, MD
  • Dan Cooper, MD
  • Doug Merrill, MD
  • Jay Gargus, MD, PhD
  • Jim Bardsley, PhD
  • Larry Anstine
  • Manny Porto, MD
  • Michael Stamos, MD
  • Oswald Steward, PhD
  • Peter Schneider
  • Rebecca Brusuelas-James
  • Ruth Benca, MD, PhD
  • Shyrl Sistrunk, MD
  • Sonia Lane, RN
  • Steve Cesca
  • Teresa Conk
  • Brian Hervey
  • Bruce Tromberg, PhD
  • Chuck Podesta
  • Dwight Claustre
  • Douglas M. Haynes, PhD
  • Erik Barton, MD
  • Frank Hsu, PhD, MD
  • Jeff Lefkoff
  • Jon Gilwee
  • Ken Chang, MD
  • Lisa Gibbs, MD
  • Michael Arias
  • Mona Wapner
  • Nick Anas, MD
  • Ramona Agrela
  • Shaista Malik, PhD, MD
  • Steven Small, PhD, MD
  • John Murray
  • Patrick Patterson
  • Christine Gall, PhD
  • Scott Engwall, MD
  • Peter Kaiser, PhD
  • Emily Dow, MD
  • Robert Bristow, MD
  • Roger Steinert, MD
  • Steven Ross, MD
  • Nilam Ramsinghani, MD
  • Olivier Civelli, PhD
  • Oswald Steward, PhD (Co-Chair)
  • Dan Cooper, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Alessio Pigazzi, PhD, MD
  • Catherine Cahill, PhD, MD
  • Dan Gillen, PhD
  • Dana Mukamel, PhD
  • Daniela Bota MD, PhD
  • E. Allison Holman PhD, FNP
  • Elliot Botvinick, PhD
  • Eric Pearlman, PhD
  • Geoff Abbott, PhD
  • Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD
  • Jim Hicks, PhD
  • Katrine Whiteson, PhD
  • Kai Zheng, PhD
  • Leslie Thompson, PhD
  • Marian Waterman, PhD
  • Michael Cahalan, PhD
  • Michael Stamos, MD
  • Pam Pimental, RN
  • Ping Wang, MD
  • Ranjan Gupta, MD
  • Richard Chamberlin, PhD
  • Rick Van Etten MD, PhD
  • Roz Sandri Goldin PhD
  • Scott M. Bartell, PhD
  • Steve Cramer, MD
  • Susan Huang, MPH, MD
  • Suzanne Sandmeyer, PhD
  • Susan O’Brien, MD
  • Michael Stamos, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Manny Porto, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Doug Merrill, MD (Co-Chair)
  • A.J. Batra, MD
  • Alpesh Amin, MD
  • Bill Armstrong, MD
  • Bill Wilson, MD
  • Brian Wong, MD
  • Carrie Chandwani, MD
  • Chris Allen
  • Dan Cooper, MD
  • Danielle Perret, MD
  • E. Alison Holman, PhD, FNP
  • Jaime Landman, MD
  • Julie Limfueco, RN
  • Kari Nelson, MD
  • Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, MD
  • Krista Hollinger
  • Krikor Jansezian, PhD
  • Larry Anstine
  • Laura Bruzzone, RN
  • Leslie Thompson, PhD
  • Mahtab Jafari, PharmD
  • Nancy Eagan, RN
  • Pat Dolphin
  • Rick Van Etten, MD, PhD
  • Sajee Lekawa, MD
  • Scott Rudkin, MD
  • Sonia Lane, RN
  • Steve Cesca
  • Suzanne Phillips, DNP, FNP-BC
  • Teresa Conk
  • Shyrl Sistrunk, MD(Co-Chair)
  • Danielle Perret, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Aileen Anderson, PhD
  • Bindu Swaroop, MD
  • Cameron Ricks, MD
  • Carrie Chandwani, MD
  • Courtney Strayer
  • Deena McRae, MD
  • Dele Ogunseitan, PhD
  • Donna Grochow, MSN
  • Douglas Haynes, PhD
  • Edwin Monuki, MD, PhD
  • Ellena Peterson, PhD
  • George Lawry, MD
  • Jeff Suchard, MD
  • Julianne Toohey, MD
  • Julie Rousseau, PhD, CNM
  • Khanh Van Le Bucklin, MD
  • Lari Wenzel, PhD
  • Lorraine Evangelista, PhD
  • Mathew Dolich, MD
  • Michael Stamos, MD
  • Robert Edwards, MD, PhD
  • Shaun Langer
  • Tommy Wang, MD
  • Warren Wiechmann, MD