Mission, Vision and Values


Discover. Teach. Heal.


The UCI Health strategic planning process was driven first and foremost by the need to articulate a clear vision — one that builds on our organization’s values, defines our future and guides our work. The strategic planning committees, which had a broad range of perspectives from across the health system, established a new vision for UCI Health. This bold vision builds on our organization’s values and defines our future. It is:

Powered by discovery and innovation, UCI Health will advance individual and population health.

This defining vision statement emphasizes the importance of discovery and innovation to our core identity. Those of us who serve at an academic medical center lead the way in creating and imparting knowledge for our communities and beyond.

The ability to discover and innovate — whether through basic, translational or clinical research, new teaching approaches, or establishing new and best practices to deliver exceptional healthcare — is the engine that will drive our success and set us apart from other health providers.

What it means to advance health

Advancing individual health involves the interactions of caregivers and staff that result in the best possible outcome for each patient and his or her family. Advancing population health embraces the goals of the Triple Aim — reducing the cost of healthcare, improving the patient experience (quality and satisfaction), and bettering the health of the population who could be residents of our region, people with a specific chronic disease, or HMO members receiving care from UCI Health physicians.


  • Accountability — We are all responsible for the achievements and success of UCI Health.
  • Respect — We foster an environment of mutual respect and trust amongst ourselves and with all whom we serve.
  • Integrity — We tell the truth and strive to earn the trust of those around us.
  • Innovation — We seek ideas and approaches that can change the way the world discovers, teaches and heals.
  • Service — As departments, units and individuals, we collaborate to effectively and compassionately serve our patients, each other and our community.
  • Excellence — We are committed to achieving the highest level of quality in patient care, discovery and education.